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Monday, February 21, 2011

Do or Do Not...

When I do this:
I need to remind myself of this:

Sometimes I have those days where I let my fear of failure get in my way. It is no joke that schedule of classes I have now is challenging, but I only hurt myself by avoiding it. Yes, I would rather be traveling, or working to have some extra spending cash, but putting my goals aside for the pleasures that I can obtain when I'm all finished is not worth it. I have to be 100% committed to my goals, and in the end, all my hard work and focus will pay off. Attacking my challenges head on with no excuses, and without the fear of failure is what needs to be my mindset. And of course, a little help from Star Wars to help push my positive thinking along..
Yoda: Do or do not, there is no try.

So readers, How do you keep your focus? 

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  1. lol i am a procrastinator too... lol ummmm actually i keep focus with energy drinks which i recently just cut down on...havent had one in 2 weeks lol...but la verdad.... eating healthy and exercise... helps me keep motivated u know... if i dont do it i feel lazy... so try schedule got pooped on this semester too!


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