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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wind Chill Factor is My New Cuss Word

 It's freezing, and this time I’m not being a wimp about it.  Here in NM we are currently experiencing record lows, and the serious brutal effects of the Wind Chill Factor. You could imagine the shock I encountered when I looked down on my phone and it was telling me that it was 4 degrees, but the real feel was -17. Um, When did I move to North Dakota?!  It’s only a matter of time before my home turns into an igloo and I start hunting sea creatures to stay alive. Yes, hunting sea creatures in the desert should be interesting. 

 Sorry, we are not home right now, 
we are out hunting baby seal. 
Please leave your message on an ice brick.

All dramatics aside, I'm keeping as warm as I can, and doing what ever is possible to make sure the pipes in our house don't freeze or bust. I'm also taking precautions to make sure my internal pipes don't freeze or bust by drinking lots of tea and hot chocolate.  This weather is crazy, but I guess it’s good to have some extra time (due to school being canceled) to study some more and do some house cleaning. I do love wintertime and I love how pretty it looks when it snows, but I can’t wait to have the sunshine make out with my face as I run along the river. 

So stay warm amigos, and if you’re in a warm place already, appreciate it!!

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