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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Domestically Disabled Post: I Think I'm Turning Japanese

Konichiwa AMIGOS!
Today's domestically disabled post is about making super easy veggie maki sushi rolls.
Here in the desert we pay a lot of money for our sushi, which means we don't get to eat it very often. A couple of weeks ago I was having a major craving for some veggie sushi rolls. So I decided to do a simple Google search (we all know how I love my Google searches) for "Making sushi with kids."
Yes I know, I don't have any children yet (sorry mom), but I figured if a kid could make sushi, so can I! I came across some really helpful websites that brought me closer to satisfying my sushi cravings.
I got the recipe from The Kitchn and it's super easy.

Here is a list of "sushi making stuff" to get you started:
List from: (the kitchn) 
  • Bamboo rolling mat - you can find these at Japanese and Korean groceries, but Whole Foods often carries them. They can also be found online. These vary in price from $3 to $7.
  • One package of eight 7"x9" (approx) toasted nori sheets - again, available at Asian markets, Whole Foods, and/or online. Price is generally between $4 and $8.
  • One small bag of sushi rice - be sure it says "sushi rice" or medium grain rice. Found at Asian markets, Whole Foods, and/or online.
  • Rice vinegar
  • Soy sauce
  • Vegetable fillings of your choice - here is where you can get creative. In these photos, I used cucumber, sauteed spinach, carrot, and pickled Japanese eggplant. You can use sautéed shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, bell pepper, cooked sweet potato, green beans, etc. 

    I adjusted a few things for my sushi maki, I didn't use the rice vinegar, and I didn't put the rice in the refrigerator over night. I actually used the rice 20min after cooking it and it came out fine.

    The recipe on The Kitchn website is super easy to follow, and of course great for kids and us domestically disabled adults.

    Enjoy your sushi!!! Please feel free to leave any question in the comments section.

    enjoy - 楽しむ (Tanoshimu)


    1. Hey when hunger mixed with cravings strike anything goes. Looks delicious too.

    2. You did an amazing job, those sushi rolls look yummy!!!


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