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Friday, February 25, 2011

Dream Crossing

For those of us who have lived or visited in or near or border town, or have crossed into Mexico at one time or another may be familiar with this migrant crossing sign. 

 Banksy, a British street artist, is in California for the Oscars and is making the most out of his time here in the US by putting up his famed artwork around the southern California area. His film Exit through the Gift Shop is nominated for an award, and if you haven’t seen it yet it is definitely a good film to check out. Recently, Banksy has repurposed versions of the iconic border crossing yellow sign around the Mexico-California border and given it a whole new meaning by adding a kite. Banksy has transformed the yellow sign of a family running for their lives to a family running towards their dreams.

This artwork really hits home, and I am truly moved by it. It makes me feel fortunate and entirely grateful to my family members who took the dream crossing many years ago. 

check out more of Banksy's work here and here. 

Have a good weekend! 



  1. Oh, that Bansky! this is a brilliant reinterpretation/sublimation of the sad border reality :(

    I also have relatives on the States (who doesnt?) altought they entered legally many years ago to establish themselves and look for a better future.

    thanks for sharing this.

  2. that was such a good post!! :) te encontre thru blogadera! saludos desde canada


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