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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pain in the Plantar Fascia pt. 2

Okay sorry, I had to get that out.
This all to common runner injury has really had my Google search engine working over-time.
When looking back at my search history regarding PF, I found some pretty desperate searches.
--How to heal PF quickly
--Stretches for fast PF relief
--PF cure
--When CAN I RUN with PF?!
Seriously, those were my searches. It's funny how I kept googling the same thing desperately seeking the answer to the instant cure of PF.
So, did I find the fast cure for PF? Nope, I sure didn't.
What did I find?
Within all of my searches, and desperate pleas to Google, I found the same answer to everything.
Stay off your foot. That means no running, and no added stress to the extra foot.
That answer is sufficient enough, right?
Not for this stubborn Chicana.
Bring in my good friend Brian the physical therapy student, who just so happens to be studying my injury in depth. We go through an in-depth analysis of my foot and leg discrepancy, and try to narrow it all down on what may be causing my injury. He takes my arch support inserts that I bought from a local running store, and my Strassburgh sock (pictured here) in to his professor to have them checked out.
Getting an expert opinion from a PT professor sounds promising right? Brian may deliver the insta-cure answer I've been waiting for!
 B then comes back a couple of days later, and he tells me,
-The Strassburgh sock could be helpful, but only a little bit. It puts my foot in a stretch position that could help my PF heal. But that it may put irritating for me to keep my foot in that dorsiflexed position
-It is possible my leg discrepancy could have something to do with my PF, and supportive shoes and a -possible insert could be helpful. 
-The inserts I bought are shit, and I should ask for my money back.  bummer.
-Keep doing my stretches.
-Keep off my foot for as long as I can, and allow my foot to heal. Running on it too soon could set me back further.
Wahhh, wahhh, wahhhhhhhh. 
Basically all of my desperate Google searches, and time spent looking for the PF cure, came back around to what I've known from the beginning, one full order of just rest and other low impact activities, and no running. Period.
So I have enrolled in hot yoga for a month, and I plan on using it all up before I start running again. I figure this activity will keep me from running on my injured foot too soon, and also help me gain some flexibility in my legs. Not having a great range of flexibility could have been a big part of irritating my PF.  Not to mention,  hot yoga is a hell of a workout! I participated in the Hot Vinyasa class yesterday, and felt like I had run 10 miles in the Sahara.
I also ordered some HTP heel seats. I had heard great things about them, and figured I would give them a try. I will give a review on them once I receive them and try them out a bit.
So, this plantar fascia injury has really served me up a side of patience, and even though it's been difficult for me to accept, I am going to think positive healing thoughts.

Lesson learned: Be patient with your body, and be happy that it can heal.

I leave you with this great video about being injured, injured bad.

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