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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tough week for the Duke City

Last week was a crazy one here in the Duke City. We had record freezing temperatures, water pipes freezing and then exploding everywhere, and we had an apartment complex go up in flames. The fire was huge, and you could literally see it from wherever you were in the city. When I first noticed the smoke in the air, I was actually worried that the Veterans hospital might be going up in flames. However, it didn't make me any feel better to find out it was an apartment complex.  I was able to drive pretty close up to the fire and take my camera out for a few shots. It was crazy to see so many other people driving by to check out the mayhem, (including myself).  While I was taking one of my photos a lady came up next to me and muttered, "Albuquerque is really going to shit.
It really was a tough week for Burque.
On a good note, I was able to find out from a local officer that all of the residents got out fine, and that the two firemen that were injured trying to fight the battle were okay. Phew.

So, to my surprise one of my photos I took of the fire actually made  "Photo of The Day" on the website of a local free newspaper here in ABQ!
It was sad that it had to be from such a tragic event, but I am happy everyone got out okay. 
Click here to check it out on the website.  

The local Red Cross helped the victims of this fire, please show your support by making a donation to your local Red Cross. 

 Flight of the Fire
Flight of the Fire

Other photos from the fire: 


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  1. How scary! I hate hearing about fires! But love that your picture was part of the paper and people were able to see and find out from your shots! Those poor poor birds!


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