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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Domestically Disabled Post: Get up off of that Stain!

Coffee and tea cup stains.
Some people view them as a badge of courage.
My amor and I absolutely hate them. However, sometimes our schedules have us leaving our coffee cups with just enough coffee or tea left in them to stain the cup and have it looking like this..

Love Coffee
Awwww, que cute no? Well, we love this sort of thing..

However, I'm talking about this sort of stain..
Ewwwww right?

Well, do you want to know a quick, easy, and natural solution to get rid of those pesky coffee or tea stains?
Yep, Baking Soda!
Just add a spoon full of it into your mug with some water, scrub and Voilà!! 
You have a pretty mug without stains!
(You can use an old toothbrush to scrub out the pesky hard to reach stains.)

There are other ways to remove the stains off your coffee mugs but I felt that this was the more simpler natural way to do it. 

Happy Drinking! 

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