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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let me see if I can schedule you in

The Unemployment Chronicles
 It's crazy to say that even though I don't have a job, I have been feeling super busy lately. I think I've finally mastered being able to find ways to occupy my time.  It really is a blessing when you come out of the "I'm feeling sorry for myself phase." and just move on. There really is a lot to do out there! It really took me reflecting on some of the things my good friends said to me when I first lost my job to snap out of it. Such as, "Be grateful for this time to think about your future." and "You said it yourself that you've been feeling stuck lately, what a blessing to finally be able to move on!"

Moving on.

Yes, it's true. Even though right now I'm just an unemployed lady who is filling up her time with finding new running routes around the city, studying hard for my Anatomy & Physiology II class and having  coffee/drink drink dates with my amigos. I honestly feel like I'm finally moving forward. It may look or feel unproductive, but I am honestly grateful for this extra time that I have right now.
This week I finally was able to enroll in classes for next semester. I have one semester standing in front of me until I am able to petition for the Nursing School program. It's going to be a hell of a semester, but I'm ready for the challenge. I honestly have my college athlete days to thank for preparing me. My schedule of Swimming bright and early in the morning, going to class all day and then swimming again in the afternoon was a brutal one.  My schedule next semester actually looks easy compared to my college athlete days. Which gives me confidence and has me feeling ready for it!

So yeah!
Bring it Microbiology lecture and lab!!
Bring it Anatomy & Physiology lab I & II!!
Bring it Bio Medical Ethics, Psych, and analytical writing classes!

I will no longer be identifying myself as being unemployed. I am now officially a full time student.  BRING ON THE STUDENT DISCOUNTS!

I'm excited about all of the educational goodness in my future! Hopefully I will still have some time to go snowboarding and of course keep up with my running & blogging!

Thanks for reading guys!

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