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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is this a running blog?!

My father cracks me up.
After one of our "Funemployed" lunch dates he looks up at me from his green chile stew and asks.
"So, Speedy Gonzales, how far did you run today?"
"10 miles today along the Bosque." I say.
"Whoa shit girl! You're really getting serious about this running stuff?!"
This whole conversation was too funny. I love how my father speaks to me like he is super impressed. But really, my mother and him were the ones that inspired me to pick up running.
My mother was the one who I remember at first training and running the half many years ago. My father trained along with her but didn't compete in the race. My mother actually completed her first half marathon at the same event I did, The Duke City Marathon.  I didn't get to watch her race her first half. I must have had some sort of swim meet or something. But I never forgot that she did it and I wanted to join the half marathon club with her.
They don't really know it, but my parents actually did help fuel this running addiction I currently  have.
Running has always been my go to exercise if I didn't feel like swimming. Since I ended my college swimming days back in 2003 it's been a challenge to find something else other than the sport I did all my life to keep me motivated while I exercised.  I tried yoga, cycling, and even Capoiera (Brazilian martial arts), just to name a few.  But none of those activities really had me challenging myself or had me setting any sort of real goals for myself.
Enter running.
Running has honestly brought on a whole new focus for me and I love it! Since I feel that it has become a good part of my life, I plan to post about it here every once in a while. No worries, I'll keep it entertaining and I won't lay off on the other stuff in my life. But please, feel free to share any thoughts or comments you have about running or any questions you may have about my personal running experience. I'm not an expert. So I can't really give any real advice about running. But I can share my experience with you all and I would love to do that.

So on that note!  I have scheduled my next two goal runs for 2011.
Here they are in all their TRAIL RUN glory!

This run actually takes place at the end of May 2011.  I will hopefully be done with my semester from hell and I should be able to enjoy this beautiful run above 8,000 feet. Believe it or not, this is going to be a nice training run for the run I have scheduled next. Here are a few photos of Valles Caldera National Preserve. 
What a beautiful place right?

 Next Run
Okay, so this run is pretty crazy. I don't really have the desire or motivation to run a full marathon yet. So I have made the La Luz trail run my marathon equivalent.
I'm pretty sure a marathon will be a piece of cake after this race.
The La Luz Trail Run is a 9 mile trail run that starts in the far northeast heights of Albuquerque, NM. The race consists of 1.8 miles of paved road and 7.2 miles of dirt single track trail with a 12% grade. The race finishes at the Sandia Crest (10,678 feet) towers on the crest. There is a strict 400 runner limit imposed on the race by the U.S. Forest Service. In fall issue of 2001 Trail Runner Magazine, La Luz was selected as one of the "12 Most Grueling Trail Races in North America".
Intimidating much??
Am I freaking insane or what?!! It's running up the mountain that I have been staring at all my life and for some reason that excites me.
There is a lottery to get into this race, so there is still a chance I won't be able to participate in this run. However, If I do get to run it I can't imagine how it would feel to reach the top of that mountain.
Bottom line is. I have a lot of training to do Lucy.  
This race takes place in the 1st week of August.
Looking down on Albuquerque, Sandia Crest via La Luz Trail, Albuquerque, NM
 Top of the mountain where the run ends
Look closely and you can see the actual trail. 
(photo by: transluminate)

La Luz Trail Runners Sign 
 The trail
 (photo by: ab_14asos)

The La Luz Trail finish line

Insane goals I know! But they motivate me to challenge myself!
Any tips or advice that you may have on these trail runs or trail running in general are welcome! 

Happy Trails To You!!!

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