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Monday, November 15, 2010

Nike +Skirt + Capris = Skapris!!

So it's true, I can admit that I am somewhat of a Nike whore.
I don't know if it's because I love all the little gadgets that they have come up with such as Nike+ and the programs that go along with it.  Or is it just because I can always find their stuff on sale.
Recently I found Nike Skapris on sale for $15 less on
I have been going back and forth with trying to decide if I could run in one of those cute running skirts that I see girls in at races or just while training, they just look so damn cute!!
However, it's getting cold here and I sort of was looking for something more functional to keep me warm during my cold runs.

Enter Nike Skapris: I had recently written a post including them here.

What I can I say? I really do love them.
I ran 10 miles in them this past weekend and they were pretty comfortable.  The only time I had to really mess with them is when the drawstring came lose and I felt like my bum might fall out. But other than that they were very comfortable and the capris portion of the skapris actually felt like a compression tight. I did order a size down when it came to these tights because I read reviews that mentioned that they bunch up in the back. Ordering a size down did help with this issue. However, if you are a size small and you're sort of on the borderline of being medium, just stick with ordering a small in these babies.

So bandida blog gives Nike Skapris a good rating for this skirt. Not to mention I felt super cute running around in them. What brought it home for me in these babies?
My boyfriend was driving home from work and saw me running around the neighborhood in my new skapris.  He yelled,  "Hey bonita, who are you dressing up for?!!"
Yep, case in point!!

Please feel free to leave me a comment with any questions you may have or share your experience with this product!


  1. those are super cute...i love all things nike as well!

  2. Love! I ran my marathon in these also! That is a bargain!

    True, perfect for both summer and winter!
    You do look very cute (:

  3. Thanks chicas!

    @Marcela--They are so comfortable, I was a bit skeptical on how they might hold up. I'm glad they worked out.

  4. P.S. @Marcela--I didn't even realize you wore them for your marathon! You dress so damn cute!!

  5. what a cute outfit!! I love your jacket too =)

    $15 is a bargain! I wish yoga clothing was cheaper . . .

  6. @Veronica--Thanks! I know what you mean about expensive yogi clothes! I was a fan of lululemon but their clothes are always so damn expensive and when they go on sale,I still find myself saying. Wow, that is still pricey!!


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