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Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday..where is my PHONE?!!

Have you ever had this type of Monday? Where you are rushing to get out the door because you're literally hungover from the weekend (drinks or not) and you can't find your right hand man/women aka your cellphone??
If you're like me you encounter this dilemma at least once a week. I am always asking my mister to call my phone so I can find it in-between the couch or in a jacket pocket. Well, recently I lost my phone and my boyfriend was at work and couldn't help me.  What do I do right?!?! Well, I go t this very handy dandy website to help me out. It's called I can't find my phone and it is absolutely brilliant! It works too!! I suggest bookmarking this link.
Try it out or keep it in mind next time you misplace your phone.

(via cupofjo and swissmiss)

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